Living On Purpose


As a woman in the mid-stream of life I have a strong desire to live on purpose, to live fully without anyone or anything holding me back.

When interviewing a few women of my vintage about what it is  they would like for their post-working life, I heard their words vibrating inside of me.

“I am nearing the end of a long, mostly enjoyable, constructive and productive career. My life has been one of juggling numerous personal and professional balls in the air. I no longer feel the need TO DO so much. I want to find a way to experience and explore new avenues and creative spaces, meet new and interesting women who are also traveling uncharted territories, and discover more of what brings me joy and laughter … without guilt!”
It seems this is a recurring theme shared among women who have a history of taking care of things. We look after everything that has to do with family and household needs. We push ourselves, often with little sleep, just to stay on top of our game, and we try our best to maintain a healthy lifestyle while sustaining an active social calendar.

What has been lacking for many of us is self-love and nourishment that is so desperately needed to fuel the next chapter of our lives.

I say… now is the time to say a resounding YES to the things that make my heart sing and NO to things that don’t!

I am reminded and inspired by Mary Oliver’s beautiful words in her poem, The Summer Day. “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Her words give me pause to consider that, first and foremost, my life is entirely what I make of it. That’s right. I alone, am responsible for my experience and existence. Her poignant words inspire me to stretch beyond my comfort zone, to allow curiosity and passion to lead me. I want to look back on my life …may it be sprinkled with awkward moments, failures, and tears of pain. I want to know that I put myself out there; I took risks, and allowed myself to genuinely feel and live whole-heartedly,

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