Living Your Yoga

This time of year, while the summer sun softens and the leaves change from bright green to crimson, it’s natural to pull on a sweater and turn inward. The yoga tradition compares this circumstance to the brightly shining sun, which is ever radiant but periodically is hidden from view by drifting grey clouds. Yoga is an extensive program of re-education through which we learn step by step, to live in the light of our true nature. Only when we have truly found ourselves will we be able to live in peace, harmony, and happiness. This is what is sometimes called the sacred life.

I am guided to connect with the sacred in everyday life. It is my responsibility to shine my light and share my wisdom with others who seek to trek along their personal path to greater awareness, intuition, health and freedom.

For many people, practicing yoga means to do yoga postures once or twice a week, or even every day. Although this approach can yield many benefits, such as better health and greater vitality, the real power of yoga is unleashed only when we engage yoga as a way of life, twenty-four hours a day. Yoga is universal and applicable in all situations. It is first and foremost a mental, or inner, discipline. Even its postures (asana) have a spiritual purpose and must be practiced with full awareness. Every single yoga technique – from postures to breathing practices to meditation – is a tool for discovering the true essence of who we are.

The path toward yoga’s lofty goal of self-realization is not in the least glamorous. On the contrary, it is quite humbling. To get to the ‘other side’ we must constantly bravely and compassionately face our limitations in order to realize our unlimited potential as spiritual beings. Are you up for the challenge?

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