Gentle Flow Yoga

Designed for mainstream people leading active lives.

Gentle Flow Yoga emphasizes pure physical alignment and conscious breath work. It is a Yin/Yang style of yoga that is intuitively created using new and familiar yoga postures in a gentle flow-style of class. Practiced with soothing music or silence, this class is intended for healthy beginners and experienced students. You will stretch, strengthen and stabilize both body and mind and discover what is it like to bring awareness to sensations, emotions, and thoughts.

WEDNESDAY 10:00 – 11:30am

Fall & Winter series begins in October 

Drop-In $20.00 (HST is included) 

If interested in a fall series please Contact Us or call 613-327-4627


Restorative Yoga

If struggling with everyday stress and fatigue, limited mobility, or living with a chronic condition that has an impact on the quality of your life ~ this stye of yoga will be blessing to you. Restorative Yoga offers tremendous tension release and deep physical, emotional and mental rest.

Blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps aid in opening up the front, back and side-body. Twists and inversions are included in the practice to enhance physiological healing benefits. No yoga experience is necessary.

Teaching & practicing Restorative Yoga is Maureen’s passion. Don’t be surprised to leave feeling well rested and renewed and/or sensing a surge of energy and a deep heart-felt release!

WEDNESDAY ~ for next 2 weeks classes start @ 7:30 – 9:00pm

Fall & Winter series begins in October 

Drop-In $20.00 (HST is included) 

Contact Us or call 613-327-4627

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga is a heart-centred, nurturing, and safe environment for young girls & boys (age 8 – 11) to learn about the ancient practices of yoga and meditation.

An 18-week program that is grounding, practical, and magically memorable!

The program has been structured with the following goals in mind:

  • to inspire a willingness to try new things in an uninhibited and natural way
  • to encourage a desire to live a kind and generous life ~ both on and off the mat
  • to build a community of young individuals who share and care for one another
  • to develop the skill of listening to the wisdom of body, mind, and spirit

TUESDAY &/or WEDNESDAY ~ 4:00 – 5:00pm

 Fall & Winter session TBA  

Contact Us or call 613-327-4627


The Feldenkrais Method is a system of exercises creatively designed to subtly challenge the body while exploring new movement options. Gain knowledge about habitual movement patterns that may cause discomfort. Reconnect with self and learn to use the body with greater ease and pleasure.

Looking at how we walk…… the Feldenkrais way

We all walk, a lot! The only other things we do more than walking is breathing, moving our eyes, and using our hands.
Walking is so much more than putting one foot in front of the other. With all the walking we do, do we really understand it?
In this series, we will explore what we do when we walk. This insight will make walking easier, more efficient, and graceful.
The Feldenkrais Method is a revolutionary approach for improving both physical and mental functioning through the exploration of body movement patterns and the use of attention.

Tuesday ~ 11:00 – 12:00pm 

Fall & Winter session TBA 

To register: email or call  613-880-8461