contactThank you for spending time browsing my website. It was created with the help of a few wonderful friends who shared their passionate talent. These qualities are what I pass along to others as I walk my spiritual path.

To inquire about classes, workshops, retreats, private yoga coaching and aromatherapy or if interested in discussing renting the studio for your event – this is the place to do so.  

WHERE is the Studio? 

Surround Circle Yoga is located within Southminster United Church, 15 Aylmer Avenue in Old Ottawa South (across from the library on Bank Street at Colonel By). To find the studio – go to west side of the building, enter on Galt Street and come up to the top floor.

There is an elevator and a full kitchen for pot luck events or refreshments following a special event. PS. I am always happy to discuss how best to make your event outstanding … btw: I make delicious GF & sometimes vegan treats.

WHERE is the Home Space (for private sessions)?

For one-on-one private yoga coaching and aromatherapy massage you will be meeting me at my Home Space. Please send a note if interested in a free consultation and I will forward you the address.



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