I moved from chronic anxiety to being a more joyful woman. 

Before I met Maureen, I was dealing with overwhelming anxiety and depression, a condition I’ve been battling with since my early teens. It was starting to negatively affect my job and my relationship with my partner. At times I would feel completely hopeless and unable to experience joy.

When I met Maureen, I knew the universe had brought me to the person who could help me. My weekly session is my “safe place” ~ a time to solely focus on myself and my healing journey. I have been able to pull myself out of depression, become more self-aware, strengthen my relationship with my partner, feel more motivated in the workplace, and reconnect with my spiritual self.

Maureen’s ability to sense what kind of practices would be beneficial for me on any given day is absolutely wonderful! I always leave feeling grounded and ready to face the week ahead with positivity, acceptance, and understanding. ~ Kelly Savoie


I have many pain free days in a row. I feel lighter, happier and better equipped to deal with life’s pressures.

I began my yoga practice with the hope of finding a way to alleviate the aches and pains that are with age. I have suffered from chronic low back pain my entire life and have tried many, if not all, forms of therapies… except yoga. Committing to classes at Surround Circle Yoga was the best decision I could have made. Maureen’s all encompassing approach to yoga, with a focus on mental, physical and spiritual health, has helped me in ways I did not expect.

Maureen’s style of teaching allows me to strengthen every part of my body, giving me many pain free days in a row. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that the practices of mindfulness and meditation would heal me on many more levels. I feel lighter, happier and much better equipped to deal with life’s daily pressures. ~ Manon Hapke



Maureen’s workshops are integral to my health. They appeal to my creative sensitibilities.

I have struggled with bouts of clinical depression throughout my life and concluded that therapy and prescription drugs do not work for me.

Over the years, I’ve had the great pleasure of attending a number of workshops facilitated by Maureen. Her calming, sensitive, well directed teaching appeals to my creative sensibilities, which I find both soothing and rewarding. My time spent with Maureen has played an integral part in improving my health and wellness.

For anyone interested in a holistic approach to living well I would highly recommend Maureen’s exceptional programs. ~ Patrick Beaudry


I am less anxious and am further along in the quest for self-knowledge.

As a middle-aged woman living with significant disability and chronic pain, my work with Maureen this helped so much with managing my anxiety and brought me further along in the quest for self-knowledge.

Maureen’s monthly Mindful Living events really appeal to me because I like routines and rituals. It’s quite magical what can happen with some dance, some music, some poetry and art-making combined with the basic philosophies and principles of living a yogic life.

It is refreshing and unusual to meet a mentor or teacher who is so completely present, empathetic, generous, and fully human. I feel very fortunate that Maureen has come into my life. ~ Elizabeth Winkelaar


I now focus on what’s really important and let go of the rest.

Much of this past year, I felt physically exhausted and slightly ‘off balance’. With an aim to complete my PhD, I was seeking ways to relax, focus on what’s really important, and let go of the rest. Finding Maureen has been a gift! I love that our time together is filled with a myriad of sensorial experiences. I especially love Aromatherapy Massage ~ a unique blend of massage and essential oils.

Maureen seems to intuitively know exactly what I need. She is present with me wherever I am and this means a great deal to me. Every week I return from my private session feeling motivated, nurtured, whole, and complete ~ Eliza von Baeyer 



Maureen helps me process grief so that my heart doesn’t harden.

Restorative Yoga is the best thing that ever happened to me! Through Maureen’s very gentle, nurturing, and perceptive guidance, I have been able to process grief that has been lying very deep within every cell of my body.

This type of body work helps me cope and heal ~ so that my heart does not harden. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I feel held, always I come away with an ability to breathe deeply into whatever my life has become. Maureen is an exceptional leader, mentor, and guide. ~ Nancy Huggett


I am better able to manage the ‘craziness’ of my life.

With the craziness of my life, I was struggling to find harmony and alignment with the world around me. I believe it was serendipity that led me to Maureen last summer. She is a wonderful and gentle teacher. I feel more grounded, centered and present with her coaching.

Maureen has lovingly created a beautiful space in her home where we meet once a week… it is a sacred place filled with light, love, and peace. Within this safe environment, I am able to do deep inner work and find the balance I have been seeking. ~ Lorelei Miller



I found my authentic voice.

I have struggled most of my life with cycles of depression, mania, and anxiety. Last summer on the heels of a particularly difficult episode, I contacted Maureen for support. With her guidance, I am finding my authentic voice and taking positive steps along my true path.

Together we have been working to bring my spirit into alignment by calming my nervous system, developing my discipline for a daily writing practice, and building my confidence.

Maureen is a gift. She embodies wisdom, intuition, and compassion which she lovingly shares with her clients. Our sessions together have brought me much solace at a very challenging time. I always leave feeling grounded with a deep sense of peace. ~ Anne McEwen



I can focus on being present by listening to what my body needs.

I have done many types of yoga ~ Restorative Yoga with Maureen is my favourite. I love this class because it is a mix of mindfulness, stretching and loving acceptance towards myself and others.

I suffered a brain injury 6 years ago and restorative yoga has been vitally important to my recovery. It has helped me focus on the present and listen to what my body needs. Maureen’s calming voice and caring personality really enhance my experience. ~ Frances G. Casey