Transformational retreats, workshops, and dances facilitated and/or supported by Surround Circle Yoga include:

  • Energy: breathing practices and mindful movement to balance the body’s energies
  • Intellect: painting, drawing, journaling, singing, and sharing to expand the mind
  • Emotion: creative and artistic expression to ground and stabilize
  • Personality: meditation and relaxation to deepen self-awareness
  • Spirit: extensive practices to connect with the divine within

Inner Rhythms ~ Ecstatic Dances

Once-a-Month Dances

Rebecca Lantz, Kevin Guerette & Maureen Fallis host an evening of ecstatic dance called Inner Rhythms at Surround Circle Yoga on the last Saturday of every month.

We are a rapidly growing community of keen movers and shakers (literally!). We dance with the intention of getting out of our quick to judge heads and into our physical bodies so that we can discover, explore, and express our inner rhythm! We meet, mingle, connect in circle, dance, and then end the evening with tea and treats. All ages and abilities are welcome!

Saturdays 7:30 – 9:30pm ~ doors open at 7:00pm

Cancelled until further notice 

Cost: $20

Contact Us or email


Yasodhara Yoga

Yoga and Reflection Workshops

Yasodhara Yoga is a reflective, spiritual approach to yoga that integrates body, mind and speech. Yasodhara Yoga practices help guide toward inner wisdom. The spiritual goal of yoga is self-realization through exploring the question, “Who am I?” In Yasodhara Yoga classes and workshops, students create a personal learning experience using practices to help build a foundation for the inner work necessary on the path of yoga.


Saturdays 1:00 – 4:00pm

Cancelled until further notice  

Cost: $60 (income adjustments available)

Contact Joan Gamble 613-728-1609 or email 


Awaken to Self 

A Country Yoga Retreat

Do you…

wish to make peace with your past?

yearn to know why you do the things you do?

long to connect to your creative self?

need a nudge to live your dreams?

crave time to reflect and be renewed?


If you said YES … then consider how much this transformational retreat will benefit you! It is your opportunity to awaken to your inner spirit and nurture your heart’s longing.

Come and experience fresh country air, practice meditation and a yin/yang gentle style of yoga, enjoy healthy delicious meals, sleep in a rustic lodge under a cozy cotton duvet, take a dip in the swimming hole, meet new friends, and go home feeling more fully your authentic self.

“When I spend a few days away from the city on retreat … I swear my heart grows bigger! I return home feeling more alive and sense an awakening inside of me. The luxurious yoga practices – essentially mindful moving meditations; thought provoking weekend workshop, intentional conversation exchanges, and spectacular meals are what sets Maureen’s retreats from any other.” D Renault  

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Eat Play Love 

Creative Play Day 

A year ago, I gave myself permission to carve out time each week to be creative. I would set up my easel, lay out tubes of paint and brushes, and then I’d wait, listen, and allow spirit to take over as I played.

Eat Play Love is a take-off from my personal experience. I supply the materials, offer inspiration, and then together we see what transpires. A cup of tea and a homemade delicacy is served while learning to love and appreciate the generous gifts we have been given. That’s it – that’s all! A perfect afternoon your place or mine for a group of friends or colleagues.

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Mindful Living

Self-Discovery Workshops  

Mindful Living is like walking in the dark without GPS ~ only a headlamp and the odd arrow to point you in the right direction. Trust, courage, and inner guidance are required to successfully make the transformational journey to your virtual destination. It’s also a bit like walking a labyrinth … you go in with an intention to release something, wait patiently in the centre to receive what wisdom is meant for you, then walk out and return knowing intuitively what you have to do with what you have been given. Mindful Living is a half or full-day workshop custom designed for your specific group needs.

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Feed the Spirit ~ Free the Soul

Day-Long Transformational Workshops

Chris MacLean, Voice Movement Therapist, Singer-songwriter, and I offer day-long workshops called Feed the Spirit ~ Free the Soul for women seeking to breathe new life into their lives through yoga, expressive arts, aromatherapy, and community. 

We have witnessed women experience and who have expressed these benefits:

  • I learned to love & move my body ~ just the way it is
  • I accepted, heard, and appreciated the sound of my own voice
  • I nourished my soul which gave me the courage to lead a more mindful and meaningful life
  • I felt stress melt away and I developed practices for maintaining healthy self-care
  • I was able to return to daily life renewed, energized and ready to step into the next chapter of my life!
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