All transformational workshops & retreats facilitated and supported by Surround Circle Yoga include some or all of what is listed below:

  • Energy: breathing practices and movement to balance the body’s energies
  • Intellect: drawing, journaling, singing, and sharing to train mind and memory
  • Emotion: creative and artistic expression for grounding and stabilility
  • Personality: meditation and relaxation techniques to deepen self-awareness
  • Spirit: practices to connect with the divine within

Yasodhara Yoga

Symbols, Secrets & Metaphor ~ Hidden Language of Yoga 

Developed by Swami Radha, Yasodhara Yoga is a gentle and meditative style of Hatha that respects the body as a spiritual tool.  By working with metaphor, symbolism, imagery and visualization, the ‘hidden’ messages of each asana are revealed.

Saturday, November 25th 1-4pm

Cost: $60 (income adjustments available)

If interested please Contact Us 

Mindful Living

Nourishment for the Body, Mind, and Soul

Mindful Living is like walking a labyrinth. It takes great courage to stand in a virtual doorway with an intention to walk round and round exploring deeply what is at the core of our being. Rather than walking the classical labyrinth celtic-like path, we virtually shine a light on our inner most being through contemplative & provocative conversation.

Mindful Living is a time for sharing, self-discovery, study of ancient yogic texts, and some kind of gentle moving, silent, or guided meditation.

We meet at my Home Space #1-74 Willard St. … if it’s a nice night we’ll be on the verandah or in my fairy garden and if not, sit in a circle around the table or supported on the floor with cushions. Come and join me for a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

Mindful Living is under creative construction until further notice! 

If interested please Contact Us 

Inner Rhythms ~ Ecstatic Dances

Get out of your head and into your body to discover and explore your inner rhythm! The last Saturday of every month my friends Rebecca, Kevin & I will be hosting an evening at Surround Circle Yoga about community connection, open hearts, and free spirits.

We will meet and mingle, circle and connect, move and dance, center and tone, and end with tea and treats. All ages and abilities are welcome. We SO look forward to sharing exuberant joy through dance with you!

Last Saturday of every month ~ Doors open @ 7 dance starts @ 7:30 - 9:30pm

Next Inner Rhythms is on Saturday, November 25th

Cost: $15 

If interested please Contact Us or email


Next RETREAT ~ Winter 2018

Passport to Possibility

Visualizing a life of that comes from the heart starts with getting very quiet, asking poignant questions, and listening deeply. It is honouring and celebrating the unique way in which we intend to deliver our gifts, talents, and skills in this world.

An extended long weekend retreat is an opportunity to awaken your inner spirit, nurture your heart’s longing, spend time in nature, meet new friends, and go home with a whole new perspective on life.

Powerful personal healing work will come from moving the body, mind & spirit through: gentle & restorative yoga with essential oils, a soulful 5-element dance, meditation (guided & silent), reflective provocative journaling, a sacred traditional drumming circle, and perhaps more spiritual practices.

Picture this … nutritious and delicious gourmet meals, comfortable & cozy accommodation, plenty of time for rest and relaxation &/or a more active and vigorous winter walk in the snow.

4-5 day Retreat in the Laurentians
Long-term planning is underway for late summer early fall 2018 retreat

Investment: TBC based on Program, Accommodation & Meals

If interested please Contact Us