All transformational dances, workshops & retreats facilitated and/or supported by Surround Circle Yoga include some or all of what is listed below:

  • Energy: breathing practices and movement to balance the body’s energies
  • Intellect: drawing, journaling, singing, and sharing to train mind and memory
  • Emotion: creative and artistic expression for grounding and stabilility
  • Personality: meditation and relaxation techniques to deepen self-awareness
  • Spirit: practices to connect with the divine within

Inner Rhythms ~ Ecstatic Dances

Once-a-Month Yoga Dances

My friends Rebecca Lantz, Kevin Guerette & I host an evening yoga dance at Surround Circle Yoga on the last Saturday of every month.

We are a growing community of keen movers and shakers (literally!). We dance with the intention of getting out of our quick to judge heads and into our physical bodies so that we can discover, explore, and express our inner rhythm! We meet, mingle, connect in circle, dance, and then end the evening with tea and treats. All ages and abilities are welcome!

Saturdays 7:30 – 9:30pm (doors open @ 7:00pm)

Sept 29, Oct 27, Nov 24, Dec 29

Cost: $15 (income adjustments available)

If interested please Contact Us or email


Yasodhara Yoga

Once-a-Month Yoga and Reflection Workshops

Yasodhara Yoga is a reflective, spiritual approach to yoga that integrates body, mind and speech. Yasodhara Yoga practices help guide toward inner wisdom. The spiritual goal of yoga is self-realization through exploring the question, “Who am I?” In Yasodhara Yoga classes and workshops, students create a personal learning experience using practices to help build a foundation for the inner work necessary on the path of yoga.

Saturdays 1:00 – 4:00pm

October 20 & November 17

Cost: $60 (income adjustments available)

Contact Joan Gamble @ 613-728-1609 or email 


Mindful Living

Theme-Based Workshops with Mji 

Mindful Living is like walking a labyrinth. It takes great courage to stand in a virtual doorway with an intention to walk round and round exploring deeply what is at the core of our being. Rather than walking the classical labyrinth celtic-like path, we virtually shine a light on our inner most being through contemplative & provocative conversation.

Mindful Living is a time for sharing, self-discovery, study of ancient yogic texts, and some kind of gentle moving, silent, or guided meditation. No Mindful Living Workshop is on the schedule … however, if interested please be in touch.

If interested please Contact Us 


Passport to Possibility

3-5 day Retreats with Mji 

Visualizing a life of that comes from the heart starts with getting very quiet, asking poignant questions, and listening deeply. It is honouring and celebrating the unique way in which we intend to deliver our gifts, talents, and skills in this world.

“When I spend a few days away from the city in a beautiful natural setting retreating with a small group of inspiring individuals … my heart grows bigger; I feel an awakening inside. By tapping into what is stirring in my physical, emotional, and mental body through movement, meditation, intentional conversation, and creative art projects, I come home refreshed, renewed, and ready to tackle whatever is in front of me. Often I am motivated to do things I’ve never thought possible!!” 

No Passport to Possibility Retreat is on the schedule … however, if interested please be in touch.

If interested please Contact Us 

Feed the Spirit ~ Free the Soul

Day-Long Workshops with Mji & Chris 

Chris MacLean, friend, Voice Movement Therapist, Singer-songwriter and I, Mji collaborate to create day-long workshops (in a 6-month series) for women seeking to breathe new life into their lives through yoga, expressive arts, aromatherapy, and community. 

In 2016, we witnessed six women experience and express these benefits:

  • I learned to love & move my body ~ just the way it is
  • I accepted, heard, and appreciated the sound of my own voice
  • I nourished my soul which gave me the courage to lead a more mindful and meaningful life
  • I felt stress melt away and I developed practices for maintaining healthy self-care
  • I was able to return to daily life renewed, energized and ready to step into the next chapter of my life!

No Feel the Spirit ~ Free the Soul Workshops are on the schedule … however, if interested please be in touch.

If interested please Contact Us