All transformational workshops & retreats facilitated and supported by Surround Circle Yoga include some or all of what is listed below:

  • Energy: breathing practices and movement to balance the body’s energies
  • Intellect: drawing, journaling, singing, and sharing to train mind and memory
  • Emotion: creative and artistic expression for grounding and stabilility
  • Personality: meditation and relaxation techniques to deepen self-awareness
  • Spirit: practices to connect with the divine within

Yasodhara Yoga

Monthly Yoga and Reflection Workshops

Yasodhara Yoga is a reflective, spiritual approach to yoga that integrates body, mind and speech. Yasodhara Yoga practices will help guide you to your own inner wisdom. The spiritual goal of yoga is self-realization through exploring the question, “Who am I?” In Yasodhara Yoga classes, students create a personal learning experience using practices to help build a foundation for the inner work necessary on the path of yoga.

To register contact Joan Gamble @ 613-728-1609

or email 

Saturdays @ Surround Circle Yoga
Dates for fall & winter TBA

Cost: $60 (income adjustments available)


Inner Rhythms ~ Ecstatic Dances

Get out of your head and into your body to discover and explore your inner rhythm! The last Saturday of every month my friends Rebecca, Kevin & I host an evening at Surround Circle Yoga. It is all about community, open hearted sharing, and expressing ourselves freely with funky, emotionally charged music.

We will meet and mingle, circle and connect, move and dance, center and tone, and end the evening with tea and treats. All ages and abilities are welcome. We SO look forward to sharing exuberant joy through dance with you!


Our dance is typically on the last Saturday of the month
Doors open @ 7:00 ~ welcoming circle & dance start @ 7:30 - 9:30pm
We are taking the summer off & will resume in the fall: Sep 29, Oct 27, Nov 24, Dec 29

Cost: $15 

If interested please Contact Us or email

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction MBSR

8-week program for Caregivers & Educators

This 8 week, evidenced based and incredibly well researched program teaches, through practice, how to stay grounded, calm and compassionate when stresses get high. Studies show that participants who complete the program have improved focus, attention and ability to sleep, as well as decreased levels of pain, anxiety, anger and stress!

This course is great for folks who are working with chronic pain, concussion symptoms, insomnia, high levels of stress, parenting/teaching/caregiving struggles, and/or frustration with the world.

MBSR Fall Series:Tuesday Evenings ~ September 25 - November 13
6:30 - 9:00pm
includes a full day Silent Retreat on Saturday, November 3rd

Investment: $500.00 less 25% = $325.00
* May be covered by your extended insurance coverage * 
Facilitator; Rebekka Wallace Roy MSW RSW

Mindful Living

Nourishment for the Body, Mind, and Soul

Mindful Living is like walking a labyrinth. It takes great courage to stand in a virtual doorway with an intention to walk round and round exploring deeply what is at the core of our being. Rather than walking the classical labyrinth celtic-like path, we virtually shine a light on our inner most being through contemplative & provocative conversation.

Mindful Living is a time for sharing, self-discovery, study of ancient yogic texts, and some kind of gentle moving, silent, or guided meditation. I am in the midst of taking a course called HOLDING SPACE – for Coaches & Faciltators … so this is exactly the kind of work that I love and would dearly love to participate in further as I walk my labyrinth. If you are interested in having me co-create a project of this kind, please be in touch!

Mindful Living is on sabbatical ...  
keen to discuss co-creational workshops 

If interested please Contact Us 



Passport to Possibility

Visualizing a life of that comes from the heart starts with getting very quiet, asking poignant questions, and listening deeply. It is honouring and celebrating the unique way in which we intend to deliver our gifts, talents, and skills in this world.

An extended long weekend retreat allows me an opportunity to awaken my inner spirit, nurture my heart’s longing, spend time in nature sitting with the spirit of the earth, connecting with new friends, and going home with a whole new perspective on life.

Powerful personal healing work has come to me from intentionally moving and listening to the wisdom of my body, listening to mind & spirit through: gentle & restorative yoga with essential oils, a soulful 5-element dance, meditation (guided & silent), reflective provocative journaling, creative art projects, and possibly a sacred traditional drumming circle.

Picture this … nutritious and delicious gourmet meals, comfortable & cozy accommodation, plenty of time for rest and relaxation &/or a more active and vigorous winter walk in the woods.

4-5 day Retreat in the Laurentians - a dream at the moment
Currently Maureen is waiting for inspiration from intentionally taking time
to be in 'liminal space' (a place of not-knowing) 

If interested please Contact Us